Makeup for Yourself
Create flawless makeup without spending too much money and time from the comfort of your home
Never Have I Ever…
Failed my makeup by following YouTube instructions
Bought foundation that didn’t match my skin colour
Went to the store for the cosmetics and got lost with a variety of products
Listened my girlfriends’ advice about makeup but it didn’t work for me
I spent A LOT of money in Sephora but still have a feeling that I don’t really have enough makeup
Use 3 items out of 15 from my cosmetic bag
So What’s Your Score? Let’s Changed That
After 4 weeks with Masha Glow You Will Learn
How to apply a flawless and long lasting makeup for every day with limited time available
Tips and tricks to avoid makeup mistakes
Understand the difference between types of brushes and application makeup techniques
Basic how to do makeup for eyes, lips, contouring, skin perfections
What makeup products is must have for you based on your skin colour and type
How Will the Course Look like?
Instagram Account
Group Chat
Where you will have access to all lessons
Very easy and convenient!
Where you make new friends and increase chance to get it right!
Very easy and convenient!
Where you could ask all questions you might have and get support.
Very easy and convenient!
makeup specialist
Masha started her career when she was 14 years old and her passion for makeup began shining through. Every sleepover or hangout with her friends ended with makeovers and dolled-up beauties. This tradition continued into her University years, where every girls night ended up being a makeup-party where Masha would create her magic.
After graduating she decided to turn her passion and childhood dream into a career! Currently, Masha is always learning new makeup techniques from Europe and has been working in Ottawa over the last few years.
She is very excited to share her knowledge and expertise with you.
Course Program
Are You Ready To Feel Beautiful and Confident?
All By Myself
-Makeup Lessons in Instagram without feedback
-Limited access for 2 month only after the course starts
-Group chat to answer you questions
-Feedback on your makeup in the group chat
-Hairstyles for every day and what products to use
-Rich evening makeup look
Bonus Lessons:
With My Girlfriends
Spots available: 5
All what in included in “All By Myself”
-Group chat to answer you questions
-Feedback on your makeup in the group chat
-Limited access for 3 month only after the course starts
-Hairstyles for every day and what products to use
-Rich evening makeup look
Bonus Lessons:
Glow with Masha
Spots available: 1
All what’s in included in “With My Girlfriends”
-1 hour personal makeup session with Masha
-Feedback personally
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I watch tutorials ?
It’s available in the private Instagram account you will be added after the payment. Group chat will happen in Telegram for your convenience, so you are able to ask questions and send picture with your makeup to receive feedback from Masha Glow
I already apply makeup daily why should I take this course?
There are a few tips and tricks Masha will share to save you some time and money as well as your makeup will last definitely longer!
Do I need to spend extra money on cosmetics?
Most likely you already have everything you need in your cosmetic bag. However, there could some products Masha will recommend to buy and it will include items for any budget (luxury brand and cheap alternatives)
What is the duration of classes?
It will take 10-15 to watch each lesson from your computer or from anywhere you would like.
What should I expect after I pay?
You will receive instructions within 24 hours how to join the course. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot a message to Masha in her Instagram.
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